Rhonda M. Smith

Rhonda SmithCancer Survivor and Advocate; Founder of Breast Cancer Partner (www.BreastCancerPartner.com)

"My goal is to help breast cancer survivors effectively cope with and manage life post-treatment, empower them to become their own health and wellness advocate, and adopt a lifestyle and practices that enable them to thrive and live a life full of vitality and energy." - Rhonda M. Smith

When Rhonda M. Smith was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer, she became intently focused on the treatment process. It wasn't until after two surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and finally a clean bill of health, that she started dealing with the psychological impact of facing a life-threatening disease. In getting her life back to normal, she realized that there is a lack of resources for women to turn to after they have completed treatment.

Rhonda reinvented herself and her 10 year old consulting firm to start a new chapter in her life and founded Breast Cancer Partner, an organization that helps breast cancer survivors recover from treatment through health and wellness, and taking a more holistic and integrative approach.

Initially Rhonda launched a website, www.BreastCancerPartner.com, but has since expanded the business to offer survivorship consulting, health and wellness oriented events, products, and experiences for survivors.

Breast Cancer Partner Mission Statement

Breast Cancer Partner functions as a "partner" to breast cancer survivors (and their families) who are nearing the end of or have completed treatment, are on their journey to recovery, or who are cancer free. We strive to show breast cancer survivors the paths to an integrated health and wellness lifestyle so that they can recover, restore and reenergize themselves after treatment. For more information, visit www.BreastCancerPartner.com.

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